Fresca Natural Hydraskin Elixir (21 Oils) 30ml

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WINNER of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2019!!! Now you have 21 reasons to celebrate your skin with Fresca Natural's 21 Oil Hydraskin Elixir!

The restorative skin properties of this complex concentrated blend of 21 skin loving essential and pure cold pressed oils will deeply hydrate, nourish and awaken your skin as only mother nature can.

Discover how this triple serum may slow the signs of aging and allow your skin to absorb the precious blend of essential and botanical oils to assist in natural cell renewal. Give yourself the chance to diminish the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles and assist with t-zone problems and sensitive skin.

Hydrakskin Elixir's formula is non-greasy and quickly absorbed deep into the dermal layer to provide complete skin cell nourishment. Experience the incredible synergistic effects of blending ancient-wise essential oils for skin cell repair and anti-aging effects of German chamomile, rosemary, Rose Otto, carrot seed, spikenard, juniperberry and cypress. These essential oils work through the complex structure of the dermal layers to give your skin the best chance of cell renewal for firmer, hydrated and youthful looking skin.

Hydraskin Elixir provides you with aromatic skin therapy that will also entice your emotional levels as you smell the beautiful aroma of the oils as you apply it to your face, neck, delicate eye area and decolletage.

Cold pressed grapeseed, almond, hazelnut, safflower* & jojoba* oils. Essential oils of calendula, pomegranate seed, rose otto, carrot seed, immortelle everlasting, spiknard, german chamomile, rosemary, cedar wood, cypress, lavender, geranium, mandarin, frankincense, eucalyptus & juniper berry. * certified organic
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